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Design Audit
Design Audit
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UX Pins


UX Pins is a Figma-based system designed to assist designers in auditing and enhancing client websites. The tool aims to provide a comprehensive set of components that embody design best practices, derived from Jon Yablonski's "Laws of UX". Its primary goal is to facilitate the evaluation and improvement of existing designs by providing a tangible reference to established UX principles.

Roles and Responsibilities

As the sole designer behind UX Pins, I was responsible for conceptualizing and creating this system within Figma. My role encompassed designing a range of components that could be effectively used in various scenarios of website auditing, ensuring they align with UX best practices and serve as a practical guide for design improvements.

Process and Methodology

The development of UX Pins involved a detailed analysis of Jon Yablonski’s "Laws of UX" and translating these principles into practical, visual components within Figma. The design process was characterized by an iterative approach, focusing on creating a tool that was not just theoretically sound but also practically applicable in real-world design audits.

Challenges and Solutions

One of the key challenges was to develop components that could be universally applicable to various types of websites while still adhering to specific UX laws. This was addressed by designing versatile and customizable components that could be adapted to different design contexts. Another challenge was ensuring that these components could effectively communicate UX best practices to clients, for which I employed clear, concise annotations and visually engaging designs.

Outcome and Impact

UX Pins has become an essential tool for designers in conducting website audits and recommending improvements based on solid UX principles. It has greatly facilitated the process of communicating design recommendations to clients, backing them with proven best practices. This system has not only streamlined the audit process but has also served as an educational resource, enhancing clients' understanding of effective website design.

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