Evolve - Redesign

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Evolve - Redesign


The primary objective was to reimagine and revitalize the website, app, and branding of Evolve, an electric skateboard company known for high-end products. The goal was to align the online presence with the sleek, cool essence of their electric skateboards, ensuring that the digital experience matched the quality and aesthetics of the physical product.

Roles and Responsibilities

As the sole designer on this project, I was responsible for the comprehensive overhaul of Evolve's web and app interfaces, as well as their branding. This included conceptualizing and implementing a new design style, developing both light and dark modes for the website and application, and ensuring that the new design resonated with the company’s target demographic.

Process and Methodology

The redesign process began with a thorough analysis of Evolve's existing digital presence and identifying areas for improvement. I focused on creating a design that not only reflected Evolve's high-end product quality but also encapsulated the spirit of snowboarding, surfing, and carving on land – the core inspirations behind their skateboards. The design process was iterative, with a strong emphasis on aligning the visual aesthetics with the functionality of the website and app.

Challenges and Solutions

A key challenge was redesigning the brand and digital presence to be more appealing to Evolve’s sophisticated customer base without losing the essence of the brand’s roots in adventure sports. This was achieved by creating a sleek and modern design that incorporated elements of snowboarding and surfing culture. Another challenge was ensuring user-friendly navigation and a seamless experience in both light and dark modes. This required careful planning and testing to ensure consistency and ease of use across different viewing modes.

Outcome and Impact

The conceptual redesign of Evolve's website and app was a strategic move by Heyo to demonstrate our creative and technical capabilities. Although not implemented, this project effectively showcased our proficiency in aligning brand aesthetics with digital experiences. It served as a compelling portfolio piece, highlighting our agency's strengths in brand revitalization and digital design. This hypothetical redesign was key in illustrating our potential to transform and enhance online brand presences, paving the way for future client opportunities in similar sectors.

This is what the Evolve website and iOS app look like at the time of the redesign.

Evolve - Logo

iOS app - Light mode

iOS app - Dark mode

🎥 Mobile prototype

Evolve - Homepage

Evolve - Apparel